Inge Raijmakers

Inge is one of the two owners of Raijmad BV and founded the office in 1998. As a tax specialist she leads the team of tax experts within the organization and is specialized in national and international tax law. She also takes care of tax matters for Dutch and foreign top athletes and expats and is the point of contact for tax matters for large companies and other legal entities. Together with her business partner Robert, she guides clients from a variety of sectors and sizes, with complex projects. In her sparetime she likes to cook, ride horses and spend time with family and her pets. Her two border collies are regular visitors to the office.

Robert Shalders

Robert is the other owner of Raijmad BV. He specializes in automation issues in areas such as financial administration, reporting and internal processes. He also represents the interests of various commercial international companies and non-profit organizations. He is ultimately responsible for financial reports, focusing on financing, company takeovers and more. He also regularly visits clients who are located abroad to support their administrative organization. In his spare time Robert is to be found be on the water- sailing is his hobby.

Nicole Stolp

Nicole is the real doyen of the company. She has been working at Raijmad for almost twenty years; and is a senior administrative office employee, compiler of annual accounts and internal expert. Besides her work and taking care of her two teenagers, she likes to dive into a good detective book or watch a detective series on TV.

Mike van der Peet

With a pile of business administration diplomas in his pocket, Mike has been working at Raijmad for more than three years as senior administrative office employee and compiler of annual accounts, income tax and corporate income tax returns. He also likes to make forecasts of budgets and financing applications, he is a mini controller and he has a mountain of tax knowledge. Besides work, he likes to do fun things with his family or can be found on the football field.

Diana Tromp

Diana has been working at Raijmad for thirteen years as an office manager and key spider in the web. Her interest in accounting brought her to us, but now secretarial work has won her heart. Diana likes to read, paint, cycle on her e-bike or walk in nature. She is a busy bee, but can also sit still very well when necessary.

Ivonne Fokker

Ivonne is our payroll administrator. She takes care of the entire salary administration for many of our customers: from mutations to pay slips, from Nmbrs to Exact. In addition, Ivonne regularly relieves our customers of absenteeism and sickness reports. In her sparetime she enjoys horseback riding and wildlife photography.

Margo Derr

Margo is a real centipede. She can be found almost every day at Raijmad’s secretariat, where she is the first point of contact for customers, manages various mailboxes, sends out reports, maintains contact with the tax authorities and, in between companies, also arranges all birthdays and company outings. In her sparetime she likes to do fun things with her family.

Cora van Wesep

Cora has been at Raijmad as an associate practice since December 2017 and she does this with great pleasure. With the care for her toddler son, life is pretty full you would think, but nothing could be further from the truth. Cora also enjoys painting children’s seats inspired by birth announcements cards. She also likes to cook and can lose herself in a good book. Order and overview are two things that Cora likes. Your numbers are in good hands with her.

Bianca Vormer

Bianca has been working many  years for our company. At home she and her husband care for no less than six cats. Yes, you read that right: six! In addition, this animal lover is a creative adventurer; for example, she does photography and sports and likes to travel far

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