Expert international laws and regulations

Laws and regulations differ per country. If you do business internationally, you’ll know all about that. Our founder, Mrs. Inge Raijmakers, is an expert in international law. As a tax specialist, she helps some of the best-known top athletes with taking care of their accounting, tax returns, annual accounts and financial planning. Inge is a seasoned, knowledgable professional who you would love to have by your side.

Insight through figures and reports

Insight through numbers, that is our credo. Thanks to regular reports and periodic administration, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary research. In addition, you don’t just produce figures for the tax authorities, they are also your management tool! We help you read the numbers, see how your company is doing and steer it towards success.

Commitment to your business

You only have to read our reviews to see the proof: we like to show great commitment. Our communication lines are short and you can call on us whenever necessary. If the customer so desires we are happy to act as an administrator integrated within your company. But we also gladly take on smaller issues.

All specialties in house

We are at home in many markets from salary administration to HR activities, from financial administration to tax issues, from annual accounts to liquidity budgets and from automation to reorganisation. Our knowledge is extensive and we are happy to help you.

More than 25 years of experience

Raijmad has been in business since 1998, but Robert and Inge have been operating in the financial services industry all their working lives. And what is so reassuring is that many customers have been with us from day one. That gives great satisfaction. These loyal entrepreneurs have grown alongside us.

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